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Sara Dobbie is a Canadian writer based in the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario. With a focus on literary fiction Sara creates short stories, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Her work has appeared in various on-line journals and in print around the world. Her story "Beneath A Vacant Sky" was a Best Small Fictions 2020 nominee. Her story "Drip, Drip, Drip" appears on the Wigleaf Top 50 2021 longlist, and "The Dishwasher" on the longlist for 2022. "The Weight of a Locomotive" is a 2021 Best of the Net nominee. She has also been nominated for the Pushcart Prize for "A Cherry Scented Cigar" and "Three Instances of Vertigo." In 2022, her story "Reasons for Building a Nest" was also nominated for the Pushcart Prize. She is a reader at Tiny Molecules and also at Fractured Literary.

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"Flight Instinct" is Dobbie's first full-length collection of fiction. Available from ELJ Editions.

Flight Instinct - Cover Art by Hannah Dobbie.jpeg
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"Static Disruption" is Dobbie's first chapbook, published by Alien Buddha Press (2022). A collection of five linked stories occurring during a power failure, available now on Amazon. 

Static Disruption - cover art.jpg
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Three graceful horses_edited.jpg

"Three Horses"
Five South

Issue Six

Coming Soon
Image by Marios Gkortsilas

"Exit Wounds"
Flash Fiction

Full House Literary
Spring Issue 2023

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brown rodent_edited.jpg

"We Are the Mice That Live in Your Basement"
Flash Fiction

The Disappointed Housewife
April 18, 2023

Raven Crow_edited.jpg

"Dysfunctional Medium"
Flash Fiction

The Hooghly Review
April 15, 2023

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Retro gadget tape recorder VCR_edited.jpg

"The Sleepover"

"Be Kind, Rewind" Anthology
Daily Drunk Magazine
March 24, 2023

Seagulls  _edited.jpg

"Lady Blake"

Flash Fiction

Milk Candy Review
February 16, 2023

Above the Clouds_edited.jpg

"Thoughts in the Air"

Hyacinth Review
February 3, 2023

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"Bad Optics"

Flash Fiction

Bright Flash Literary Review
January 3, 2023


"Rooming House"
Flash Fiction

Twin Pies Literary - Volume 9
October 31, 2022


"One Way Ticket"


Eunoia Review
September 2022

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Foggy Lake_edited.jpg

"The Middle Distance, A Shipwreck, and In My Hometown We Had a Scene"
Three Poems

Roi Faineant Press
Issue 23
September 2022

green ceramic mug on wooden desk_edited.jpg

"Anywhere But Here, Anytime But Now"
Flash Fiction

Potato Soup Journal
September 7, 2022


"Exfoliation and Related Beauty Secrets"
Short Fiction

Fictive Dream
August 14, 2022

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Bees at Work_edited.jpg

"Hive Mind"
Flash Fiction

Sage Cigarettes Magazine
July 22, 2022

French Medieval Couple_edited_edited.png

An Introduction to "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin
Literary Commentary

Scratch Books
May 20, 2022

Home: Projects

"Invisible Pearl"
Flash Fiction

Bright Flash Literary Review 
May 3, 2022

black gorilla under green leaves_edited.jpg

"Whatever Happened to Ann Darrow?"
Flash Fiction

Ligeia Magazine
Spring 2022

Beige Glitter Stilettos_edited.jpg

"A Girl, a Nun, and a Principal Walk into a Cafeteria"
Flash Fiction

April 3, 2022

Home: Projects
bianca-ackermann-7umi1VTcA_c-unsplash_ Niagara Falls, Ontario, Kanada_edited.jpg

"Solitude at the Falls"
Flash Fiction

Roi Faineant -Camera 11

March 20, 2022


"Good Listeners"
Flash Fiction

Ellipsis Zine
January 26, 2022

Ballet Shoes_edited.jpg

"The Art of Learning to Dance"
Flash Fiction

New World Writing 
January 8, 2022

Home: Projects

"Blue Jean Skates"
Creative Nonfiction

Voices of the Winter Solstice
December 10, 2021

Red Fox_edited.jpg

"The Mating Habits of Foxes"
Flash Fiction

Bending Genres Issue 24
December 7, 2021


"The Woman with all the Answers"
Flash Fiction

Idle Ink 
December 4, 2021

Home: Projects
Christian Rosary Beads_edited.jpg

"Sister Beatrice and the Cosmos"
Short Fiction

Ligeia Magazine
Fall 2021

Film Reels_edited.jpg

"Three Instances of Vertigo"
Flash Fiction

Variety Pack Issue Six
Pg. 74-77

Home: Projects
Farm Field_edited.jpg

"Vigilante Girls"
Flash Fiction

Ghost Parachute
September 1, 2021

Home: Projects
Modern Restaurant Kitchen_edited.jpg

"The Dishwasher"
Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Magazine
August 6, 2021

man smoking cigar_edited.jpg

"A Cherry-Scented Cigar"
Flash Fiction

Flash Frog
July 19, 2021

Home: Projects

"Out of Body"
Flash Fiction

Twin Pies Literary Volume V

 June 2021

Home: Projects

"Erosion Theory"

Trouvaille Review
June 1, 2021


"A Celestial Undoing"
Short Fiction

Dark Wild Sea Anthology - Janus Literary
May 31, 2021

Home: Projects

Flash Fiction

Second Chance Lit - Issue 02
April 2021


"Thin Air"
Short Fiction

Dreamers Creative Writing
March 12, 2021

Home: Projects

"The Fabric of Memory"
Flash Fiction

Ellipsis Zine
February 3, 2021


"In which I Never Die, Only Fail to Succeed: A Dream Exploration in Three Parts"
Creative Nonfiction

Your Dream Journal
February 2021

Home: Projects

"A Silent Marriage"
Short Fiction

Fiction Kitchen Berlin
January 23, 2021


"Swim at Your Own Risk"
Creative Nonfiction

Schuylkill Valley Journal Online
December 10, 2020


"The Liberation of Scarlet Little"
Short Fiction

Fudoki Magazine
October27, 2020

Home: Projects

"The Night They Saw God in a Taco Bell"
Short Fiction

The Daily Drunk Magazine
October 6, 2020

Home: Projects

"Sincerely, Clarence Tu"
Short Fiction

Knights Library Magazine
Fall 2020

Home: Work

"My Dental Hygienist is a Vampire"
Flash Fiction

Maudlin House
September 3, 2020


"Dear Skinny Jeans"

Rejection Letters 
July 13, 2020

Home: Work

"Luck Be a Modern Lady"
Flash Fiction

Menacing Hedge - Summer 2020


"Friendship Bracelet"
Flash Fiction

Re-Side Issue #06 p.4
June 2020


"The Problem with Disco Dancing"
Short Fiction

Change Seven Magazine - June 2020

Home: Projects

"Her Heart is an Ankle"
Flash Fiction

Ellipsis Zine - June 5, 2020


"The Empress and the Fool"
Short Fiction

Mooky Chick - May 31, 2020

Home: Projects

"Drip, Drip, Drip"
Flash Fiction

Fiction Kitchen Berlin - April 25, 2020


"A Spark, Once Ignited"
Short Fiction

The Cabinet of Heed, Issue 32 - April 2020

Home: Projects

"The Fates"
Flash Fiction

Mooky Chick - March 6, 2020


"Locker Room"
Flash Fiction

Spelk - February 12, 2020

Home: Work

"When Eli Came to Town"
Short Fiction

The Cabinet of Heed-Issue 28, January 2020

Creative Nonfiction

(Mac)ro(Mic)-December 20, 2019

"Tale of a Weaver"
Flash Fiction

Ellipsis Zine - December 13, 2019

"Perennial Requiem"
Creative Non-fiction

Re-Side Issue 2, pg 5/6 - October 2019

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